• Axl Rosenberg

Our friends in The Austerity Program have an awesome new EP, Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn, coming out this Tuesday (read Gary Suarez’s five-outta-five horns review here), and to celebrate, they’re having an awesome contest. And these dudes know how to throw an awesome contest – as memory serves, the one they did for Black Madonna involved writing a new song specifically customized to the specifications of the winner in exchange for shaving the band’s initials into your pubic hair.

The Backsliders contest doesn’t require any creative grooming for you to win, but it does require you to get creative. It also offers a variety of awesome prizes to be selected by the winner: you can either have a merch pack, or a poster pack, or download all of TAP’s songs, or have the band cover the song of your choice (personally I’d choose something by Slunt just ’cause I know it would annoy the ever-lovin’ shit outta Foley, but that’s just me), or have the band come play a show at your house. Holy crap, that’s awesome.

Get complete details of the contest after the jump. We actually have nothing to do with this one, so I’m just telling you ’cause I think it’s so frickin’ cool.

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