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slayer t-shirt wehrmachtWhen we got an email titled “Lots of Slayer T-shirts” with a link to a blog at indie music herald Vice, we fully expected to see lots of Slayer shirts on the other end of the click. What we didn’t expect was a virtual museum full of hundreds of shirts of the most satanic band of all time.

The article hosts images and descriptions of Slayer t-shirts from the personal collections of author Jonathan Rockwell and his friends. “Lots of Slayer T-Shirts” is the Endless Blockade of the Slayer universe, a near exhaustive collection of black and red on cotton. They’ve got everything; beat-up as fuck Show No Mercy-era shirts, Slaytanic Wehrmacht shirts with a grinning Nazi metal maniac, white and stone-washed South of Heaven tees… just Slayer shirt after Slayer shirt after Slayer shirt. The madness goes through the Decade of Aggression era, about which the author proclaims, “There was maybe one good shirt after the Decade Of Aggression one, but like their music, it was mostly downhill from there.”

Check out Lots of Slayer T-Shirts and share your own with us in the comments.


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