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There’s so much streamin’ going on right now you’d think a bunch of dudes were peeing on you. So without any further bullshit, here are three complete albums you can listen to right now if you wanna get your metal on:

  • Exodus’ latest, Exhibit B: The Human Condition, is streaming here. It comes out today on Nuclear Blast, and it’s another win for Exodus. In fact, I kinda wonder if, as much praise as Exodus have been getting recently, they don’t deserve more; I didn’t like Tempo of the Damned as much as everyone else did and I’ve made my dislike of Let there Be Blood pretty well-known, but this is still Exodus’ third absolutely killer album in in just four years. Meanwhile, Megadeth have only released one really good album this century, Metallica continues to suck, opinions on Slayer’s recent output continues to divide metal fans (I love ’em but I know not everyone feels that way), and Anthrax haven’t released anything new in seven years. Seriously, Exodus and Testament should tour together – fuck all these other clowns. (Yeah, I know I left out Overkill. They’re good, too.)
  • Dew-Scented’s Invocation is streaming here. It comes out in North America on May 25 via Prosthetic, and a day earlier in Europe via Metal Blade. It doesn’t really represent any great artistic advance for the band, but I’ve still really been enjoying it as of late – these dudes know how to put together a fun album that will get your blood pumping.
  • Heaven Shall Burn’s Invictus is streaming here. Century will release it in Europe on May 24, but not in the States ’til June 8. Heaven Shall Burn are, like Dew-Scented, very much of the Slayer/Children of Bodom variety, which is to say, they never really make huge changes to their sound; that being said, there are some surprises here, like “Given in Death,” a semi-melodic duet with Sabine Weniger from Deadlock. I’ll be curious to see if HSB fans get their panties in a twist over that one.

And on that note… GOOD MORNING, FUCKERS!!!


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