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AWESOME NOISE ROCK WEIRDOS UNITE AGAINST BPI don’t know about you, but I am PISSED OFF about this oil spill. It’s been a month and British Petroleum has done a pretty lousy job (certainly P.R.-wise) of containing the problem, the impact of which now stretches 150 miles from Alabama to Louisiana. You don’t have to be a Phish-lovin’ environmentalist to appreciate how fucked this situation is.

If, like me, you’re frustrated that we can’t do anything to stop this other than pressure the Obama administration to take some harsh fucking measures towards those fucking fucks at BP–and maybe take alternative energy seriously–you might want to do your part in supporting this really cool benefit show meant to support the victims of this catastrophe. Awesome noise rock weirdos Zs and Child Abuse are at the top of this June 2nd bill at D.I.Y. Brooklyn venue Shea Stadium, with sets by Walter Weasel’s Cellular Chaos and acclaimed industrial/experimental act Controlled_Bleeding. All proceeds go to the Greater New Orleans Foundation, “one of the oldest and largest philanthropic organizations in the region.” For more information on what this organization is doing in response to the oil spill, visit their site.

Though these days I spend most of my time on this site writing about hardcore, I haven’t forgotten about all the weird, wonderful noise rock that I used to cover consistently on this site. So for those of you who have been missing that coverage, I’m hoping you’ll be just as excited about this upcoming show as I am.


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