whole lotta loveA compilation that combines my love of metal with my love of bodacious, curvy babes? Count me in! A press release that just landed in the MS inbox proclaims:

Whole Lotta Love will feature all-new recordings of popular songs praising the fuller female figure, originally made famous by some of the biggest names in rock and pop music. These anthems to abundance will be performed by renowned rock & rollers from yesterday and today, along with a select few rising stars. In direct opposition to the “no fat chicks” mantra espoused by some, Whole Lotta Love will be a star-studded celebration of large and lovely ladies.

Phil Lewis of the non-Tracii Guns version of L.A. Guns — who lends his voice to a cover of Queen’s classic ode to plump behinds, “Fat Bottomed Girls,” that will appear on the compilation — explains his enthusiasm for the project: “There is much to be said for those exquisite women who are built for comfort, rather than speed. Skinny little spinners have never done it for me. They were always too boney for my particular taste. Let’s hear it for the plush princesses who are confident in their curves! You truly do make my rockin’ world go ’round.” Touche, Phil! The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’ indeed.

A sample of the “Fat Bottomed Girls” cover with Lewis on vocals is available on the Whole Lotta Love MySpace page. Curiously, the press release doesn’t make any mention of what other songs will be included on the comp — I mean, how many metal(ish) songs about full-bodied ladies even exist? I’m guessing Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” will make an appearance, and AC/DC’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” comes to mind… but what else is even out there? Your guesses are as good as mine — take a gander in the comments section.

Pre-orders are available at the Split Screen Entertainment website for only $9.99; the first 500 pre-orders will receive a free instant digital download of “Fat Bottomed Girls” and a surprise bonus item upon delivery of the album. A special surprise, eh? What could that be? A fat chick pin-up? We can only hope.


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