A few weeks ago I asked you guys for help with naming a new band I started with my good pals in National Sunday Law, and the response was literally overwhelming. Thanks so much to everyone who replied! Some were good, some were hilariously bad, and some were just hilarious. We ended up debating for another month, and decided on the name Graviton (not Gravitron, as I just discovered MS had reported (smoke weed)) [We’ve since fixed it! Sorry.  -Ed.], which was inspired by MS reader Nate’s suggestion of Hadron. Thanks for turning us onto string theory as a band theme, Nate! Email me at sachadunable [at] gmail [dot] com with your address and I’ll be sure to send you all kinds of crap.

Honorable mention should definitely go to reader Dave B, who provided such gems as Hella Smelly Belly, GuhGuhGuts, Sweatpants Surprise, and Don’t Injure Car Keys (D.I.C.K.). I don’t know you Dave, but I know we’d get along. Send me your address for some crap as well.

Anyhow, we’ve posted two full Graviton songs for you to check out on our Myspace, Bandcamp, Twitter, and if you’re too lazy to open a new window and require colorful moving pictures along with your music, Youtube:

The coolest thing about all this band name talk is that my love for band name games has totally been rekindled. I’m not sure if any other group of guys are quite as nerdy and weird as Intronaut, but this is pretty much our favorite activity. Whether we’re on the road, in the studio, or at a random social gathering, it is likely that we’ll be coming up with joke band names and laughing at them like little girls.

One of our recent favorite band name games is to try and think of a name, that if it were printed on a flyer, would just be the most ridiculously amusing thing ever. For example, what if you had a band called “Ten Local Death Metal Bands”? No one would ever come to your show. Hilarious. What if you had a band called “My Dicke”? Imagine the confusion in how to pronounce that? Imagine the hipsters who would pretend to know how! “My Dicky?” “My Dick-uh?” “My Dick In Old English?”

That game is great, but the one that is most challenging and intellectually stimulating is the “Have you heard my ___________ band, ___________?” game. Anyone who has ever been foolish enough to let Intronaut stay in their house, party with them, or even tour with them has probably taken part in this one. The object is to basically over think the meaning behind what could be a heavy metal band name. Here are some examples:

“Have you heard my cardiac rhythm reestablishing power metal band, Defribrillator?”

“Have you heard my highly inappropriate thrash band, Raper?” (this band logo is actually tagged on the walls of many US and European venues)

“Have you heard my number crunching LA death metal band, Statistic Intent?”

“Have you heard my stud and rhinestone setting thrash band, Bedazzler?”

….and my personal favorite, courtesy of Mike Lerner (Behold The Arctopus):

“Have you heard my gassy slave killing band, Flatulyncher?”

Feel free to join in on the fun below, everyone!


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