Viral Vomit


  • Axl Rosenberg

So Arsonists Get All the Girls did this PSA for Metal Injection, basically making sure you don’t set yourself, your home, or anyone you care about on fire:

But here’s the thing: if arsonists get all the girls, then why should I give a fuck about fire safety? The only people I should be concerned about not setting on fire are me and the girls I’m trying to get, right?

I think this PSA is just to trick people. I think these Arsonists just want all the girls to themselves.

Well, I ain’t falling for it, AGATG. Not ol’ Axl Rosenberg. Nope. In fact, I’m gonna go set my cute neighbor’s dog on fire right now. It was howling all night and kept me awake. Then, when the neighbor sees what I did and is all impressed with me, I’m gonna tap that ass. That’ll work… right?


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