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  • Axl Rosenberg

Just in case Ozzfest, Mayhem, Summer Slaughter, Thrash & Burn, The Cool Tour, Scream Like You Mean It, and, to a lesser extent, American Carnage weren’t enough to keep you occupied this summer (to say nothing of all the regular plain ol’ tours goin’ on), yet another big package/fest tour has been announced: the Over the Limit tour. (And, yes, I realize the above song is actually called “Push it to the Limit.” But any excuse to listen to that awesome, awesome piece of music will suffice.)

The line-up, my thoughts on that line-up, and dates are all after the jump.

  • AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK – I don’t hate this band, but I remember when Allegiance came out in 2006, some people thought that they were like the Second Coming or something, and I never really heard it.
  • OCEANO – Uh-huh.
  • ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS – Love this band. So that’s one good reason to go see the tour.
  • THE TONY DANZA TAPDANCE EXTRAVAGANZA – Love this band, too – and their new album slays. So that’s two good reasons. Whoo-hoo!
  • THICK AS BLOODFeaturing an ex-member of Oceano. So that’s at least two good reasons to stay away, also.
  • BURNING THE MASSES – Is Big Chocolate still in this band? If not, I probably don’t care to see them. Thanks.
  • CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT – I’m pretty neutral towards this band. Passable Sumeriancore. I would probably watch them if I were there, but I wouldn’t go outta my way or anything.
  • BLIND WITNESS – Holy shit, is this band ever awful. I’ve been threatening to send the interns to go cover this group if they don’t get their shit together and figure out how I like my coffee. Stupid interns.
  • SON OF AURELIUS (on select dates) – Love this band. I kinda wish they’d grab AGATG and TTDTDE and rebel, forming their own “BANDS WHERE IT’S EASIER TO WRITE THEIR INITIALS THAN THEIR FULL NAMES” tour.
  • THIS OR THE APOCALYPSE (on select dates) – See Circle of Contempt.

Sooo… yeah. There ya have it. The tour isn’t coming close enough to NYC for me to even consider going, but, honestly, my love of the aforementioned initials bands – AGATG, TTDTDE, and SOA – means I might have actually gone if it were. I mean, sometimes seeing terrible bands live can be a really hilarious experience, just ’cause they’re so bad. Then again, sometimes you just end up at a Zwan show, wishing you were dead. But no risk no reward, right?

Here are the tour dates, courtesy Metal Injection… one of them actually sees this tour joining forces with Summer Slaughter, which would actually be ideal I think, in terms of seeing a bunch of good bands and being able to ignore the band ones:

July 23rd Lake Station, IN – Lake Station Eagles Hall
July 24th Evansville, IN – Boney Junes
July 25th Toledo, OH – Headliners
July 26th Grand Rapids, MI – The Intersection
July 27th Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
July 28th Reading, PA – The Silo
July 29th Poughkeepsie, NY – The Loft
July 30th Vineland, NJ – Hangar 84
July 31st Worcester, MA – The Palladium (“Summer Slaughter“)
August 01st Springfield, VA – Jaxx
August 02nd Fayetteville, NC – The Rock Shop
August 03rd Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
August 05th Jacksonville, FL – The Pit
August 06th Orlando, FL – H2O Live
August 07th Douglasville, GA – The 7 Venue
August 08th Memphis, TN – New Daisy Theatre (“Too Cool For School Blowout“)
August 09th Tulsa, OK – Marquee Theatre
August 10th Tyler, TX – Knights of Columbus
August 12th Corpus Christi, TX – House of Rock
August 13th McAllen, TX – Las Palmas Event Center
August 14th Austin, TX – Emos
August 15th Wichita Falls, TX The Hanger
August 16th Amarillo, TX – The War Legion
August 17th Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
August 19th El Paso, TX – Club 101
August 20th Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre
August 21st Pomona, CA – Glasshouse (“Summerslam Fest“)


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