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After John Bush left Anthrax (again) in May, he had this to say on the topic of Joey Belladonna possibly performing Bushthrax material:

Hopefully they’ll start playing some of the songs I sang on. I think it’s time for Joey to step up and play some songs from my era. I played songs from the whole catalog, including Neil Turbin’s stuff. I think fans should still get to hear songs like “Inside Out”, “Room For One More” or “Only.” There are lots of amazing songs and they should play them. It would be weird if they didn’t, quite frankly.

I thought the idea of Belladonna singing Bushthrax songs was a little odd, but I was willing to give it a shot; then again, I never really thought it would happen, ’cause, well, so often when an original member of a band re-joins said band, all the material that was written and recorded without him goes right out the window. Obviously there are exceptions – like Dave Lombardo playing “Disciple” at pretty much every Slayer concert since he came back to the fold – but that’s the exception, not the rule. Anyone see David Lee Roth sing “Right Now” on the Van Halen reunion tour? No. What about Ace Frehley doing “Lick it Up?” Never happened. If Axl and Slash ever kiss and make-up, do you think we’ll suddenly see the original GN’R line-up playing tunes off of Chinese Democracy? It’s not likely. This is just the way things go.

But now those Sonisphere Big Four shows have started, and, lo and behold!, Anthrax did, indeed, play “Only” – probably the most famous Bushthrax song – with Belladonna belting it out. Now, I know there are people who think that Belladonna could raise the dead and I’d still find a reason to complain, but, seriously. He cut the balls right the fuck off this song. Just snipped ’em right off. This bootleg isn’t even very good quality, and I still think it sounds weird as fuck:

Pretty funky, right? And there are parts where he sounds kinda winded, too, although I’m willing to forgive that somewhat, ’cause, y’know. It happens sometimes.

But there ya have it. I guess Belladonna will be doing songs from his era, Bush’s era, and, soon, the Nelson era (such as it was). I guess you’ll do whatever you gotta do when you’re desperate.

And just to school your asses, here’s Bush doing “Only” with Anthrax at last year’s Sonisphere festival – y’know, so you can hear what this song is supposed to sound like:

And just for shits n’ giggles, here’s Dan Nelson doing “Only” with the band last year:


[via Blabbermouth]

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