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behind the blackest tearsNevermore, Kingdom of Sorrow, Nachtmystium, Watain, Heaven Shall Burn, Whitechapel…. and, uh, Attack Attack!. All these bands released records last week, and after the jump we take a look at how all of those records performed. Metal Insider‘s Zach Shaw has done a fine job of collecting the data, but you’ll have to visit Metal Insider to get his cheeky commentary. The numbers — with my own cheeky commentary, naturally — after the jump.

#26 Attack Attack!, Attack Attack! (Rise), 15,130 sold

So is this the future of metal? Despite the incredibly high number for such an incredibly shitty band, I doubt it. As with most artists bought en masse by young kids, these guys will be a flash in the pan. Mark my words.

#42 Whitechapel, A New Era of Corruption (Metal Blade), 10,600 sold

I don’t like the band but I gotta respect the number. I guess deathcore hasn’t reached its tipping point yet.

#125 Nevermore, The Obsidian Conspiracy (Century Media), 4,000 sold

I think I read somewhere that this is their highest chart debut ever? Pretty good for such a nerd-tastic band to still be doing so well at this stage in their careers.

#130 Kingdom of Sorrow, Behind the Blackest Tears (Relapse), 3,800 sold

Metal Insider says this number is a little more than half their debut. I guess that would be disappointing for Relapse, but I think Relapse and the band should still be pretty satisfied with it as it’s got to be among the biggest records they’ve released this year. My explanation for the drop is the curiosity factor that likely fueled purchases of the band’s first album; the casual Hatebreed fans didn’t come out of the woodwork this time around because they realized this band isn’t for them.

#156 Mychildren Mybride, Lost Boy (Solid State), 3,200 sold


#179 Eyes Set To Kill, Broken Frames (Break Silence), 2,800 sold

See #156, above.

Nachtmystium, Addicts: Black Meddle, Part 2 (Century Media) 1,190 sold

I think this is a pretty decent number for such an extreme (by most peoples’ standards) band. Wonder how this number stacks up against Assassins.

Watain, Lawless Darkness (Season of Mist) 990 sold

See Nachtmystium, above.

Heaven Shall Burn, Invictus (Century Media) 900 sold

I think this is one of those bands with a much bigger following in Europe. I’d doubt that Century cares much about the U.S. #; they really didn’t put a whole lot of marketing effort into this record over here.

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