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punditThe funniest is when people make assumptions about the reasons I like the music I do. Why do I like Meshuggah? Must be because I’m a clueless fan with lack of any musical knowledge and I just want people to think I’m cool and smart. At least that’s what some dude at (American Nihilist Underground Society, oh ok) would have you believe when he rips into several other well-respected metal bands that we like because, ya know, we like their music: Opeth, Cynic, Baroness, In Flames, Cannibal Corpse and many others. His arguments against every band basically follow this format:

Band X is stupid because all they did was combine what Band Y and Band Z already did. Their first self-released EP was pretty cool, but after that they sold out. People listen to Band X to appeal to a certain lifestyle, not because they actually like the music, and they’re duped into doing so by superficial musical tricks. Only non-thinking automatons follow this band!

This article smacks of the self-important elitist attitude perpetuated by all-knowing “my taste is scientifically provable as ‘good’ music” message board trolls like Ziltoid. Actually, this article very well could’ve been written by Ziltoid in his downtime from extolling the merits of Pokemon; there’s even a rant against Pantera. Yes, I like Pantra because of my “wounded masculinity”…. right. I do agree with this guy’s assessment of Sunn O))), however, so there’s that.

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