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It’s funny how two different sets of human ears can hear the exact same thing and their associated brains can interpret the sounds so completely differently. Our favorite MS troll Ziltoid once commented that he couldn’t stand Gorod even more than he couldn’t stand all the other “weedily weedily” tech-death bands, claiming they had no grasp on melody whatsoever. Meanwhile, both Axl and myself (and many others I’ve talked to and read) are in agreement that Gorod are at the very top of the tech-death pack precisely because they’ve got such a great handle on melody without sacrificing their technicality or deathiness. Diff’rent strokes, I s’pose.

In case ya haven’t heard, Gorod have promised a new EP in 2010 featuring, among other songs, a 14-minute epic and a Cynic cover. In April they posted some studio video footage of the drums being recorded, and they’ve just posted a similar clip of the guitar tracking process, embedded above. Never have my balls tingled this much for an acoustic tech-death song, but man, how can any self-respecting metal fan not be excited about this EP? It’s gonna be the bees knees.


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