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knut - wonder

The kind of mind-fuckery that Knut traffic in used to be called math-core, but when was the last time you even saw that expression bandied about? For now, let’s just call them awesome.

Knut’s latest album Wonder is a dazzling display of technical post-hardcore that will make fans of Dillinger Escape Plan and Keelhaul bow at the altar of their angular riffs, spastic rhythms and seemingly constant time-signature shifts. That they’re able to instill all the madness with a real sense of groove uncommon in this type of metal makes these five Swiss lads stand out from the pack. I can only imagine the pit at a Knut show; a bunch of grizzly metal dudes erupt into mayhem as the band starts, then sinks into their groove, only to be thrown off time and time again by Knut’s crazy musical shenanigans.

Check out Knut on MySpace, and listen to / download their track “Damned Extroverts” below. Wonder is out now on Hydra Head.

Knut – “Damned Extroverts” (mp3)


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