I know I just railed against expensive music videos in a rant last week. I stand by my assertion that music videos now serve a different purpose than they once did, and as such shouldn’t be held to the same standards. I’m a-ok with the band-in-a-warehouse thing these days. Really, I am. It seems silly to spend tons of money on a lavish music video when there’s little chance of earning it back and there are other, cheaper, better ways to promote a band. But the music video definitely still serves a useful, albeit different, function in the overall music marketing canon.

But that only applies to standard music videos. Pendulum’s new video for “Salt in the Wounds” is a completely different ballgame.

To my knowledge, no one’s ever made an interactive 360-degree music video before. Click and drag on the moving image in Pendulum’s new video to rotate the view of the camera to your liking, and zoom in or out to look at different parts of each scene. What a totally fun and new way to make a music video and directly involve the watcher. Since the technology is new (to a music video, anyway) and the idea novel, it’s also a great way to rope in potential new fans. A great use of marketing money, IMO.

Check out the video here. Thanks to Number of the Blog for tipping us off to it.


PS: If you’re questioning the relevance of Pendulum on a metal blog, do a quick site search.

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