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Not that anyone ever really asked for a djentified version of Soilwork, but Serbian (!) band TransakT.Inc. have taken it upon themselves to deliver us one. Or, I should say, Serbian man Petar Alargic has taken it upon himself, as TransakT.Inc. is a one-man project like so many “bands” in this genre. And so too like so many bands in this genre, their album is available completely for free.

The good: The compositions are really solid — if a bit too busy at times — and really sound like what Soilwork might’ve ended up being if they’d gotten their start 10+ years later and been bedroom guitar dorks. The sweet guitar harmonies, layered keyboards, bombastic drums and general sense of melody of Soilwork… no vocals, but that’s to be expected.

The bad: the band name. Oh my god, the band name. So many strikes here: 1) intentional mis-spelling of a word, 2) use of “Inc” 3) use of punctuation, 4) use of a capital T as the last letter [hello, TesseracT! and, not for nothin’, TestamenT]. What on earth possessed this man to think these were good decisions? Is it 1996 again? Is it so uncool that it’s actually cool again? I’m baffled. Also: the logo that’s a blatant rip-off of Chimaira’s and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’. WTF?

Anyway, don’t let the bad persuade you out of listening to TransakT.Inc. They’re purdy good. Their 7-track promo record TracklisT [cringe] is available for free download here and you can check out three songs on their MySpace.


Thanks: Got-Djent

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