vince's CDsLast week I announced I’m giving away a large portion of my CD collection as well as a shitload of promos we’ve received at the Mansion in 2010, and that I wanted to give them away to one of you all for creative barter… whatever random items or services you have that you think I might be interested in.

Well, unsurprisingly I got a shit-ton of offers… some great, some not so much. Here are some highlights:

  • A bear mask made out of the face of a teddy bear, a wooden dragon statuette, and a jar of Nutella.
  • Lots of folks offering me baked goods. Lots of folks.
  • Guitars. Especially B.C. Rich Warlocks; apparently this was a popular guitar to buy, but not so much anymore. And one Gibson Melody Maker “with a missing headstock but it can be easily replaced, I’m sure.” (lolz at that last one!)
  • Offers to tattoo my face / MetalSucks logo on various body parts. Creepy!
  • Your shitty CDs in exchange for my good ones. The whole point is I’m trying to get rid of CDs, you ninnies!
  • Offers to write a metal song about me / MetalSucks.
  • Maria Brink’s blue dress
  • A Vince Neilstein character written into a videogame.
  • A potato
  • An ear of corn
  • Housecleaning / chauffeur / general bitch services.
  • Lots of offers for your souls.
  • Offers to stay at readers’ places when I’m next in city X.
  • An offer to make me forget Metallica existed after the Black Album.
  • etc etc etc etc etc!

There are some mighty fine offers, some of which I’ve listed above and some of which I haven’t. Nothing’s really struck my fancy yet as “wow I MUST have that!” but I’m definitely considering a few. So, keep ’em coming! Send your offers to vince [at] metalsucks [dot] net with CD GIVEAWAY in the subject. I’ll choose the winner next week!


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