Last week we ran an exclusive excerpt from Dave Mustaine’s new autobiography, Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir, and gave one lucky MetalSucks reader a chance to meet Megadave himself at his Barnes & Noble book signing here in NYC tomorrow.

We’ve now selected a grand-prize winner… Alex! Here’s his winning entry:

Pick me! I’m in NYC!

I’ve been a Megadeth fan for my whole life! My brother who is 11 years older than me was a huge fan in the 80’s and early 90’s, as a result, I grew up listening to Megadeth. My first concert was Megadeth when I was 14 at the Electric factory in Philly on the Risk Tour. I have seen them four times since, and I have tickets to both legs of the american carnage tour. I own all of their studio releases. I remember looking at my brother’s Clash of the Titans ticket stub that he had taped to the room of his door, wishing that I could have had the opportunity to see that tour.

…for all intents and purposes, I will finally get to! Hell yes, So excited.

Mustaine is my heavy metal hero.

Well, Alex, now you get to meet your heavy metal hero. Congrats!

Read the five runner-up entries after the jump; each runner-up receives an autographed copy of Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir. Enjoy ’em, kids!


You should give me a copy of the book because I live in Wyoming where we don’t have books, book signings or Mustaines to sign the books we don’t have.


Because who else are you going to give it to..Ziltoid??


As I am currently unable to read, Mustaine’s book would provide for me the essential vocabulary and critical reading skills that I currently lack.


I typed this with my dick. And i’m a huge megadeth fan. typed that with my dick too!

William Hopsicker:

Megadeth was the band that started my journey down the heavy metal path. From the moment I listened to peace sells, something changed in me. I picked up the album peace sells a few days later, and from there a copy of Iron Maiden’s greatest hits. Dave Mustaine is the man who inspired me to pick up a guitar and make metal music such a huge part of my life. It would pretty much be my dream as a fan of metal music to meet the man who inspired it.

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