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Last week in a post about Maldivian metal band Serenity Dies I mentioned that the nearest country, India, wasn’t exactly a bastion of metal. Boy was I wrong, and you all really let me have it in the comments and via email. It’s been a topic of discussion on MetalSucks before, too. So, apologies to our Indian readers; I certainly didn’t mean to imply that India doesn’t have its fair share of good metal bands because it most certainly does… it’s just that for whatever reason those bands have yet to make their mark on the worldwide scene.

And wouldn’t you know it, MetalGF is in India right this very second! She’s visiting a friend, and they’ll be traveling to Mumbai, Goa, Delhi, and Manali over the course of two whole weeks. Even though she’s not into metal I tried to convince her to seek out a metal show while in India purely for the experience but she didn’t go for it. Maybe some of our Indian readers will be more successful in convincing her to scope out a metal show.

In any case, an MS reader who goes by the name “Acid Bath” and proclaims he’s “one of your biggest suckalos” sent us a very informative email with links to several Indian metal bands. And wouldn’t you know it, they’re all pretty good! Check ’em out, with his descriptions, after the jump.

  • Demonic Resurrection (we’ve posted on MS before). “The biggest band in Indian metal right now. Beneath cheesy song and album titles like “Return to Darkness” lies a musical beast with unquestionable skills in battle. Also check out the vocalist/guitarist’s record label Demonstealer Records (cheesy, I know) for a great roster of bands.”
  • Acrid SemblanceKryptos, Extinct Reflections: “a bunch o’ great melodeth bands”
  • MyndSnare: “Schuldiner-esque Progressive DM.” [This band is my favorite of the bunch! – Ed.]
  • Bhoomi and Evergreen: “Trippy power/prog.”
  • Scribe: “Influenced by Poison The Well, Sikth and The Dillinger Escape Plan, these Mumbai metallers put an unparalleled live show. Also on it’s list of achievements is the honor of being thrashed by pretty much everyone on the Metalinjection Livecast. A great band who don’t take themselves too seriously.” [This band rules! -Ed.]
  • Motherjane: “Some stellar prog with pronounced Indian sensibilities. ‘Nuff said.”

He also included links to Public Issue, Iafway, Workshop, and TWKC before giving up and simply proclaiming “And hundreds of other bands that deserve recognition.” Touche. I stand corrected!


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