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‘Cause sometimes you just wanna grind up against the hot girl standing next to you…

  • Wormed: Reader Dan Wolfson suggests Wormed are “possibly the most brutal and fucked up band ever… like if portal did grindcore with an inhuman vocalist named Phlegeton…seriously…it’s not your average brutal shit…this is past brutal….” and I’d be inclined to agree. This is serious. And brutal. And seriously brutal. Stream “Uncoloured Plasma Orifices Transported” above.
  • Demeanor: Spazzy deathgrind from Kentucky. I’m not sure where in Kentucky these guys are from, but I guarantee they’d scare the no-alcohol-drinking bible thumpers where the MetalSucks Mansion Kentucky Korner Vince Division is located screaming down to the road. They incorporate a bunch of other styles of metal into their grind attack too, which is sweet. [Thanks: Chas Lee]
  • Ninety Minute Reflex: This is more just grind than deathgrind… but at least it’s good grind. It’s fast, angry, and heavy as fuck… and there’s even a good sense of power-groove in the music, pretty amazing given the overall grind template. [Thanks: Chris Vigilante]


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