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The backstage area of the NYC stop of the Summer Slaughter tour this year was so thoroughly hot-boxed that you could get a contact high just from touching the door knob. Every time someone walked in or out, enormous plumes of smoke would immediately snake right up your nostrils and into your brain. The security guard stationed at the door must have had the best night of his professional life; his job required him to do nothing but glance at the passes of potential entrants and enjoy all the second-hand smoke. I think by the end of the night, I even saw him rocking out to Decapitated.

It will surprise no one to learn that a large portion of the evening’s debauchery was due to the Cephalic Carnage dudes. And it was sometime during the umpteenth pass of the whatever-the-fuck-we-were-smoking-out-of-at-that-moment that Vince and I decided that one of us should do a Metalcal Marijuana interview with Cephalic front man Len Leal. But our number one homies at Metal Injection actually one-upped us, and got Mr. Leal to make an instructional video for vaporizer noobs, demonstrating on the Cephalic Carnage vaporizer that Silver Surfer manufactures. You can also try to see the advanced portable vaporizers they have.

If you’re a vape virgin, well, you can’t find a much cooler teacher than Mr. Leal. Motherfucker is like the Obi-Wan Kenobi of weed.

Metal Injection has lots more awesome coverage of Summer Slaughter, including interviews and live footage. Go here to check it out.

Cephalic Carnage’s latest, Misled by Certainty, is out now on Relapse. Vince is currently giving away a couple of copies here!


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