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Here’s J. Robert Oppenheimer, a.k.a. “the father of the atomic bomb,” quoting the Bhagavad Gita. This is a famous television broadcast and there’s a very good chance you’ve either seen it before or are at least aware of it, but in case you haven’t…

So. Reader James M. e-mailed us earlier this week, advising us that Linkin Suck’s new album, A Thousand Sucks, was streaming, and requesting that we review it.

And I tried to listen to it for review purposes. I really did. I think I even made it like halfway through the third or fourth song before I turned it off. I just… things have been really busy around here lately and I don’t have time for this shit right now, okay? I’m sorry, James. I really gave it my best shot. Let’s just logically conclude that I would have not have given it a good review and leave it at that.

BUT. Before I turned off the album, I heard this one song — actually I think it’s less than a minute long, so maybe we should just call it an “interlude” — that utilized a sample from Oppenheimer’s broadcast. And as I’m listening, I’m thinking, “Wait, I know there’s another, better band that uses this same sample.” And because I’ve fried an awful lot of brain cells, it took me a minute to figure it out — and then, wham!, it hit me.

Origin use the same sample at the start of their song “Antithesis,” the abso-fucking-lutely EPIC title track from their 2008 album.

Now, I’m not accusing Suckin Park of ripping-off Origin. Like I said, it’s a famous quote from a famous text read by a famous guy in a famous broadcast. So it’s entirely feasible that one of the nuclear physicists in Linkin Suck knew the sample all by himself, or that someone from that band’s team suggested it. (Come to think of it, the phrase “a thousand suns” sounds like a description of a nuclear explosion. Whoa. That’s, like, deep, Suckin Park.) In fact, I’d say it’s much more feasible than suggesting that someone in Linkin Suck knows Origin — ’cause there ain’t nuthin’ about Suckin Suck’s music to that suggests they have good taste.

Which, really, is the only reason I brought this up. I would love to see Suckin Suck die in a nuclear disaster — y’know, one that just took place on their tour plane, so no one of any real value was harmed — but Origin are fucking brilliant, and if you don’t own Antithesis, well, you’re a dumb ass.

So here’s the fucking awesome song in question. Seriously, this track continues to blow my mind grapes every time I hear it. And once you’ve experienced its sheer excellence, order a copy here.

And in case you’re really super-curious, here’s the Suckin Suck track that uses the same sample.


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