• Axl Rosenberg

Bloody Disgusting has debuted Cephalic Carnage’s new,Michael Panduro-directed video, “Ohrwurm.” And holy shit, is it terrific. I mean, it’s incredibly disgusting, but in the best possible way. I don’t even really wanna say too much about it, because as it went on and on, I was just, like, “Holy shit what the fucking fuck is going on here?”, and then it kept getting increasingly gross, and then I hurled, and then I watched it again. And I don’t wanna deny you that very same experience.

So you just watch this. But not if you’re at work, or a library, or near your parents, or whatever. ‘Cause, like I said, this is some disturbing shit right here, and it’s definitely way too graphic for public consumption.

“Ohrwurm” comes off of Cephalic Carnage’s latest, Misled by Certainty, which is out now on Relapse.


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