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I’m a big fan of top 40 rap, especially the skinny jeans, neon t-shirt and ice-cream-colorway-Nikes variety that started showing up on the shelves at Hot Topic a few years ago. It’s how I keep my finger on the pulse of youth culture: I usually figure that anything a famous person likes is worth checking out, because how else are you supposed to know what to like? For example, you can’t watch one of these scene rap videos without seeing a conspicuously-placed shirt featuring the logo of the popular screamo/post-hardcore band PIERCE THE VEIL.

What happened to Pierce the Veil endorsers New Boyz?? Did they all disappear into the same void that swallowed Cool Kids and The Pack?

It’s basically the same as when I was a kid, and I would buy a band’s tape because I saw their sticker on Jeff Hanneman’s guitar or something. I figured if someone as rockin’ as him liked the band, then I probably would, too. It’s how I discovered a lot of great bands like DRI and Poison Idea, but I’m not sure if I can rely on this strategy anymore, because in spite of how much I want to like Pierce the Veil, I just can’t get into them. I figured that if multi-platinum selling scene rapper Jason Derulo cosigned for them, they had to be good, but I’m not so sure that’s the case.

This is the best PTV song I could find, and it’s only OK– sounds like Bloc Party with screaming :/

I thought they were going to be rad trancecore/metalcore like Attack Attack or something, but they just sound like a boring band who would open for Circa Survive. Do teenage girls actually like this stuff?? They seem pretty fucking popular (zillions of views on YouTube, several SKUs of merch at Hot Topic, etc.), but I just don’t see the appeal. At least in the case of Circa Survive you can point to Anthony Green’s brilliant stage presence and charisma, but PTV just kind of bore me.

What do u think of PIERCE THE VEIL?? Am I missing something? Why do Jason Derulo and other scene rappers rep these guys at every opportunity?? Will autotuned post-hardcore be the next big thing? Will Justin Bieber rock an I SEE STARS shirt in his next video???

-Sergeant D.

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