As though you needed any further incentive…

This news has been all over the internet the past two days, so you may have already heard about it by now. But when I saw Jackass 3D at a special screening at The Museum of Modern Art (Yes, MoMa held a screening of Jackass 3D. No, I don’t understand how that happened, either.) this past Monday night, it was a complete surprise.

So — spoiler alert!!! — the movie opens with a quick animated intro from Beavis and Butt-Head! Yes, the intro is in 3D, too — in fact, the intro is the dynamic duo basically explaining 3D, in their own unique way, of course. (I don’t wanna give too much away, but needless to say, someone gets hurt.)

And in case you’re worried that because they’re in 3D, B&B have been turned into CG monstrosities in the vein of the Chipmunks movie or whatever… well, don’t. They’re still their good old-fashioned hand-drawn selves. Now they just seem that much stupider.

Jackass 3D opens tomorrow, and is a lot of fun, except that they needed to utilize the 3D a little more — I think there’s only two or three times when various bodily fluids come flying at the audience. Everyone’s favorite animated metal fans should make their full-time return to television next year.


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