• Axl Rosenberg

Okay, so what videos have debuted since last night? Let’s find out!

First up we have “Charmer” from This or The Apocalypse, which our bro-bros at Metal Injection debuted. I gotta say, the choice of back-lighting the guitarist during his solo so you can’t see him playing was a excellent one. I mean, who wants to see a guitar player shred? This is metal, not fucking flamenco. Am I right or am I right?


Next we have “Six Feet Deep” from Engel. I don’t really know Engel but they’re a Gothenburg supergroup that features current and former members of bands like In Flames and The Crown, so I guess I should pretend to care. Indeed, if you told me this was a never-before-released track from the Come Clarity sessions, I’d totally believe you. I’d also say that it should have remained never-before-released. But I really like the part in this video when the singer points down towards the floor for the phrase “six feet deep.” Y’know, in case we were confused about what the word “deep” means.

Finally, we have “You’re All I Need Tonight,” a new video from Nelson that premiered on Noisecreep. I’m really just posting this because HOLY FUCKING SHIT NELSON ARE STILL AROUND?!?!?!?!?!?! But I really like how one of the twins keeps pointing right into the camera before quickly pulling his hand back towards his chest and making a fist. That move did not go out of style in 198wasneverinstyle, and no, he does NOT need to learn a second or even third move, thank you very much.

In all seriousness, last night I brought this girl home, and this morning she was all, “Axl, I love you,” and wouldn’t leave. And so then I was like, “I love you, too, baby,” and played her this video to prove it, and then she left. So big-ups to Nelson for taking care of that little problem for me.


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