• Axl Rosenberg

We were sent the below video, for Destrage‘s song “Jade’s Place,” by the director, who goes by the moniker “The Jack Stupid.” And I’m not gonna knock his directing skills, ’cause I actually think the clip is pretty cool, in a Peter-Gabriel-video-from-the-late-80s/early-90s kinda way. I mean, if nothing else, at least you can’t say “Oh, we’ve seen eight bajillion variations on this same video.”

Unfortunately, the band has all the originality of last week’s South Park episode. They’re from Italy, but the music can best be described with a term our pal Juggalo Bob recently coined: “Re-Swede.” Except that just in case you’re not sick to death of Gothenburg rip-offs, they also dress like The Hives. Y’know, just to be extra irritating.

This isn’t the worst song I’ve ever heard — hell, twenty of you will e-mail us about way worse bands by lunch. But I’m so over this shit. As Eyal put it last week, “it is time for innovation and rebirth.” I’ve seen Xeroxes with more personality than this band.


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