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You guys sure have been sending in a lot of your own band links lately. Which is cool, because we enjoyed listening to them, and since it’s the Internet we can afford to post about them. Wait, what’s that…? You wanted me to praise your band unconditionally instead of giving my honest opinion? Whoops…

  • Everfailed: Halfway between Children of Bodom and Dying Fetus, with the sense of melody and guitar wizardry of the former and the groovy slams of the latter; an odd pairing indeed but a decent one. Everfailed might fail at naming bands, but they don’t fail at making pretty catchy metal songs even if they aren’t the most unique around.
  • 100 Knives Inside: Serviceable but unremarkable technical death metal from Denmark. This genre is starting to lose its appeal to me as more and more bands that are mostly indistinguishable from each other jump into the fold. I can’t find anything that sets 100 Knives Inside apart from other bands that sound like them.
  • Dawn of the Hero: Serviceable but unremarkable good cop / bad cop metalcore from Albany. This genre lost its appeal to me at some point in 2006.
  • The Last Ten Seconds of Life: An exception to my usual “too many words” band-name rule, these guys sound as brutal as the subject matter of their name mighty imply. If this doomy, dark and morbid music were playing during the last ten seconds of anyone’s life, that person would surely be going straight to fucking hell. A few too many tri-tone breakdowns for their own good, but if these guys ditched those they’d get a resounding pass.


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