Laugh At Others' Misfortunes


  • Axl Rosenberg

I haven’t seen Metallica live since 2006 (and after watching them do Master of Puppets live in its entirety, I’m honestly not sure I ever need to see them live again), but I guess these days they end their shows by dropping giant black balloons from the roof. And at a show in Australia this past Thursday, there was a little kid behind one of the balloons on the side of the stage, and Kirk Hammett kicked the balloon, and, well, the little kid pretty much got kicked into next week. Metal Insider has fan-filmed footage of the incident, which you can check out below. Unfortunately, it’s not in slow-motion on a loop, so you can’t watch it and laugh over and over and over again without rewinding.

Now, I don’t think Hammett deserves take any flack for this, as, clearly, he did not see the little kid, who was about half the size of the balloon and therefore completely hidden from Hammett’s point of view. Also, I’m amazed that security allowed anyone, let alone a little kid, get so close to the stage.

But this video is still pretty funny. I mean, I hope the kid is alright. But I’m still gonna laugh at this, and so should you. And I bet Hammett will never, ever kick one of those balloons again, lest there be another small child behind one, or maybe a puppy, y’know, so the internet can REALLY have a chuckle.


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