• Axl Rosenberg

This makes me so irritated I can barely even find the will to type, and besides, I could never put it as elegantly as Shawn Macomber did for The Deciblog (where I first saw this), so I’m just quote him:

“A post-emo kid with a tragically deep v-neck t-shirt and the requisite rejected-by-Flock-of-Seagulls haircut runs to MTV for help with his deathcore band fronting tormenter via Bully Beatdown, a reality show based upon the flawed premise that if you have a professional mixed-martial artist humiliate some asshole on television, that’ll be the end of all your troubles. Because if violent assholes are known for anything, it’s responding well to public embarrassment, rationality, and ratcheting down tension, right?”

As far as I can tell, the only logical solution to this problem is to kill everyone involved.

You can see another clip, and read more of Macomber’s analysis, at The Deciblog.


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