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Newsflash: You’re not going to get signed and become a rock star. Fucking get over that dream. I know I’ve talked about this before, and here I am talking about it again. You see, DAATH just went out on tour again, and once again, we’re getting demos and pressure to hand them over to our A&R guys and hook people up with their dreams. Once again, we’re seeing decent people of all talent levels that are  just plain misguided. Maybe they don’t want to accept what’s going on right now? Maybe they just are not aware.

Either way, while the people running the show are trying to get out of a huge bind and keep their lights on, there’s still many people trying to get into the game with starry eyes and puckered assholes. The saddest part is they have no idea the game may not exist in this form for very much longer. This is a PSA to all bands who think that anybody in the music industry that’s isn’t on the highest of levels can do anything for your career: Kill that idea. It’s doing you more harm than good.

There is no industry. There is no infrastructure to support your dreams. It’s been dying since filesharing began. It’s now in it’s final throes. Companies are crumbling. Bands are falling apart. People are losing their jobs left and right. The mighty are not so mighty anymore. Things have degenerated into a guerilla warfare environment. Everyone is scrambling to figure out how the fuck they’re going to get out alive without having to go back to the real world.

So to think that some band that tours in a van can possibly help you achieve the impossible when they themselves are struggling to even stay alive is just delusional. Your demo does not need to be shopped to anyone in the industry. That’s like putting yourself on the standby list for a plane you know is going to crash.

You need to get your music to the ears, hands, and hardrives of whoever your audience can and will be. That’s it. Forget getting signed. Forget the industry. It won’t do anything for you that can’t be done independently for a way higher profit margin. Forget your outdated dreams. It’s not the 80’s, 90’s or even the early 2000s anymore. It’s going to become very apparent in the next few years who is in this for the right reasons and who isn’t.  Right reason = You love music and have an inner drive to keep on creating and performing. Wrong reason = You think you will make money, get girls, be cool, and lead a dream life. If you’re aligned with those wrong reasons, you’re in for a very rocky road my friend. If you’re in it because you love music, then no matter what happens, you will be A-okay.


Daath are currently part of the Blue Collar Brawler tour with Chimaira, Impending Doom, and This or the Apocalypse. Get dates here.

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