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Hemoptysis - Misanthropic Slaughter

Even though Iron Thrones were the winners of the FordChevyHondaMazda No Label Needed Contest earlier this year there were a bunch of other really sweet bands selected as finalists too, and a few of them have already released or are about to release new music. Here’s our own Anso DF on the magic of the No Label Needed Contest:

The great thing about the No Label Needed contest is how it answers the question that we’ve all asked ourselves and each other about countless bands: “How on earth did these wankers get a record deal?” Sometimes the band seems too shitty to interest fiscally-minded music businesspeople. Just as often, I ask that when I’m just wondering why one featureless, unoriginal band landed a contract as opposed to the forty other turd merchants clad in identical clothes and writing the exact same retarded songs. But of course everybody knows that the answer, in each case ,is blowjobs. That’s how crappy/pointless bands get their chance at the big time. B to the lowjobs, people. Don’t look so surprised.

Our rebellious asses chose some pretty nifty bands for the contest, though, and I’m glad to see some of them putting out new music so soon. After the jump, let’s take a look at new shit from Hemoptysis, Hammerlord, and Scorched-Earth Policy.

Thrashy black metallers Hemptysis have a brand new record called Misanthropic Slaughter coming down the pike in early 2011. I’ve now heard it in full, and my two word verdict is this: it rips. Like their earlier material it’s kinda Skeletonwitchy in tone, which is a good thing; it’s got a certain thrash gallop with a certain crusty black n’ roll sensibility, but it doesn’t feel derivative of Skeletonwitch at all. Nocturno Cultowitz endorses them, so they’re definitely worth at least a quick listen if you’re still skeptical. Check out two new songs from the album on Hemoptysis’ MySpace page.

Hammerlord, the band Bob Cock endorsed in the NLN Contest and who were featured in Axl’s Kansas City Readers’ Choice piece, released Wolves At War’s End back in August. Truth be told, Hammerlord stick a bit too close to the vintage thrash vest for my own tastes; I wish they’d inject a little bit more of their own unique identity into their music. But they’re good at what they do, and I bet their shows are hella fun. The album is streaming in full at their Bandcamp page.

Scorched-Earth Policy were Anso DF’s band of choice, and judging by the sampler they’ve posted of their forthcoming 2011 album they’ve taken his advice of de-Layne-ifying their singer. I’d describe their sound as half Sabbath riffs via Mastodonian psychedelia and half Danish-style hardcore n’ roll ala Hatesphere or early Haunted. It’s a cool mix and it totally works!

Check out some new music today if you know what’s right for you.


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