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Diagnosis for Hemoptysis: Pallor Mortis, Livor Mortis, Algor Mortis, and Rigor Mortis


Hemoptysis band photoAll the mortises, really.

Yes, it’s sad but true: Arizona black metallers Hemoptysis are throwing in the towel. Says the band via Facebook:

“The very hard decision to end Hemoptysis in its current form has been made.

“In the end it is the best decision to be able to move forward into the future both musically and personally.

“First of all, we can’t thank our fans enough for the support they’ve given us. When Masaki and Travis started this band 7 years ago, they never dreamed they would accomplish all they have, and that success is due mostly to the support of our amazing fans.

“We really look forward to having them behind us as we move on to the next chapter of our music and careers.

“To all the amazing people who contributed funds to our Indiegogo campaign, you will be getting a refund because the new album we were working on will not be recorded. We have an email coming to you so please keep your eyes on your inbox.

“To our local fans, we are unfortunately not playing the show on Sat, June 7th at Joe’s Grotto, but please come out and support all other awesome bands on this bill!

“Singer/Guitarist Masaki Murashita, the songwriter and founding member of Hemoptysis is hard at work preparing to release new music later this year, taking the Hemoptysis sound to into its next incarnation. You can stay updated by following his Facebook page at  or

“There will updates and previews posted soon, as well as future release dates.

“Thank you again for everything. We wouldn’t have achieved all we have so far without you.”

I couldn’t really blame you if you don’t remember Arizona’s Hemoptysis — it’s been far too long since we even covered them here at MS — but they were incredibly promising, and won the favor of MetalSucks’ own Vince Neilstein, Nocturno Cultowitz, and even the notoriously difficult-to-please me. So this is a real bummer. But I’m glad that Murashita plans to soldier on, and I’ll definitely be excited to hear what he releases next.

[via Metal Underground]

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