• Axl Rosenberg

I’m gonna put about as much effort into this introduction as Loutallica put into making Lulu melodic and easy on the ears.

First up is Mureau’s video for “California,” which debuted on Noisecreep. This very-much-not-good band’s singer has produced some other very-much-not-good bands, like Suffokate and As Blood Runs Black, and their drummer’s daddy is John Corabi, who made one really good album with Motley Crue that no one besides me n’ Vince seems to remember. This video is notable mostly due to the appearance of lots of hot girls in bikinis, which just goes to prove that what my grandfather always said was correct: “If your music blows goats, make sure to have lots of hot girls in bikinis in your video so people still pay attention to you.” Gramps was so wise!


Next up is Hemoptysis’ new video, for the song “M.O.D.” It’s not the greatest video you’ve ever seen or anything, but we are great Hemoptysis appreciators here at MetalSucks, and the song is good, so you should watch this anyway, and then you can be like, “Gee, thanks for turning me onto Hemoptysis, Axl!”, and I can be all like “You’re welcome!”, and then we can go grab a beer or something.

And we conclude today with Dead Til Friday’s video for “The Longest Year.” Honestly, I almost skipped this video when I saw the band described as “Irish rapcore” on Metal Underground, but then I’m really glad I didn’t — ’cause if I had, I would have denied myself the pleasure of hearing the most inadvertently hilarious song of the week. What’s even lamer than white dudes trying to rap? Irish white dudes trying to rap. #whitepeople



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