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The line-up for this year’s Mayhem Fest wasn’t s’posedta be announced ’til tomorrow, but Blabbermouth has posted it so I guess it’s go time. There are supposed to be more bands announced — I know of at least one group who are definitely doing this tour and aren’t on this list — but for now, here are the bands playing, and my thoughts on those bands (UPDATED with tour dates):

DISTURBED — Well, at least you can leave early.
GODSMACK — Well, at least you can leave really early.
MEGADETH — Holy shit, Dave Mustaine is opening for Sully Erna and David Draiman? Well, that sucks. But I guess now we know what Megadeth will be doing this summer instead of a Big 4 tour. Hell, as long as Mustaine doesn’t sing, Megadeth should pretty much steal the show.
MACHINE HEAD — Machine Head rules and they put on a great show, but they’ve been touring behind The Blackening for so long that I’m kinda over seeing them until they have some new shit to play… and I’ve heard that that won’t be ’til 2012.
IN FLAMES — I don’t even know who the crap is in this band right now, but new material from a new line-up should at least pique your curiosity…
STRAIGHT LINE STITCH — Well, at least you can take a mid-fest nap.
ALL SHALL PERISH — No complaints here.
KINGDOM OF SORROW — I’ve never seen ’em live, but I have a feeling that between Kirk and Jamey, I’d dig watchin’ ’em more than I do listening to their albums…

So, there ya have it. It’s not a terrible line-up by any means, and I’d never fault anyone for going but it’s not exactly a super-exciting one, either — I mean, most of the good bands here won’t even be touring behind new material, and we don’t know yet if the bands that will be touring behind new material are gonna have new material that rules or drools.

We’ll see what happens when some of those other bands are announced I guess.

QUICK UPDATE: Reader Hetal Bhatt sent us what are apparently the dates for the fest, too. Don’t know where Hetal got ’em, but I’m reasonably certain they’re accurate…


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