When metalgf and I first started dating she famously confused “prog metal” with “Prague metal” because she’d only ever heard me say it aloud. Despite this still-hilarious gaffe we’ve never made it to Prague, although these days she’s able to identify Dream Theater by ear.

Bass player Nodar of Brooklyn metallers Fin’amor surely knows the difference; he recently visited Prague… and windmilled. And windmilled. And windmilled. He windmilled all over the city, outside, inside, in front of national monuments, in restaurants, at bars, and he filmed it all and set the footage to the naturally windmill-worthy music of Amon Amarth. This kind of what I was going for when I posted those pics of myself rocking out to Gojira in Paris… only I don’t have long hair, didn’t use video, and don’t look as cool as this guy. Tough noodies for me, but a pat on the back for this dude; this video rules.

New Yorkers can catch Fin’amor on February 4th at Europa in Brooklyn along with Gwynbleidd, Satevis and Praetorian. Windmilling is highly likely.


Thanks: Raphael

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