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If you stretch your pot-addled brain, you may recall that, back in June, Intronaut’s Sacha Dunable wrote about his new band, Graviton, as part of his Blogronaut series here on MetalSucks — in fact, it was a MetalSucks reader who named Graviton.

Well, now Graviton have signed with Translation Loss! Which is great news. And while there’s still no official release date for Graviton’s debut, there is now a title (Massless), cover art (above), and the promise that we’ll get to hear it before the year is through. In fact, there are already several tracks streaming on Graviton’s Facebook page. And they’re excellent — they have all the proggy goodness of Intronaut, but they are, generally speaking, a little on the mellower side… in fact, the title Massless strikes me as being really, really appropriate. Go listen here.

While we wait for Massless to get a release date, here’s what Sacha wrote about the project when he first solicited names from MS readers during April of last year:

“Just to give you a little info on the project, it is made up of Derek Donley and Darin Tambascio, the two members of a band called National Sunday Law (whose latest EP was recently written about on Metalsucks and can be downloaded for FREE here) and me. We basically locked ourselves in a home recording studio twice a week for nine months with guitars, drums, a bunch of synths, and probably close to a pound of marijuana, and now the record is almost done and it pretty much rules.”

Yeah, dude, I don’t doubt it!

More info as we get it.


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