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I was never into Believer; I was too young to appreciate or even know about them during their late ’80s / early ’90s prime. While I was aware of their 2007 reunion and subsequent 2008 album Gabriel ’cause I write for a metal site duh, I only gave it a couple of listens and couldn’t really get into it. I subsequently kinda forgot about it, writing it off as a one-off reunion album that wouldn’t amount to much in the longrun. But this here new Believer song “G.U.T.” is the absolute bee’s knees:

My gut (rimshot!) was that older Believer, including Gabriel, was way thrashier than the above new song — and a quick listen to the latter confirms I am not wrong — but Gabriel is definitely a unique snowflake that extends far beyond thrash, and is way more interesting than I remember it being. Maybe it’s time to revisit that one. New album Transhuman comes out April 13th via Metal Blade, and based on the above I’m definitely stoked to hear it. Maybe I should revisit that entire back-catalogue too.


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