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Believer Unveil Two New Tracks on Second of Five Planned 2017 Mini-Releases


Believer - 2 of 5Progressive thrash masters Believer launched a neat endeavor earlier this year in which they pledged to put out five releases in 2017  (each containing two songs) culminating in a physical album at the end of the year containing everything. The first EP (or mini-release or whatever) — the aptly titled 1 of 5came out in March, and earlier this week we got the second one, called — you guessed it — 2 of 5.

The EP’s two songs, “Perfect Day” and “Return to Zero,” find Believer doing what Believer do best: thrash metal with a progressive bent (or is it prog metal with a thrashy bent?) that’s tight, technical and full of plenty of hooks — both musical and vocal — to latch onto. These tracks remind me exactly why I loved this band so much in the first place, although I was admittedly very late to the party.

Check ’em out below via Bandcamp. More info on the band’s official website. We’ll keep you posted on what we can only presume will be called 3 of 5, 4 of 5 and 5 of 5 — though it’d sure be awesome if the band threw us a curveball on that last one and named it, like, Deez Nuts.

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