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So recently word got out that Trent Reznor is not only going to be scoring, but will apparently also be acting in, a retarded-sounding new movie called Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, from the same idiot who brought you Wanted. (And please allow me to take a moment to give credit where credit is due, something too many of our fellow bloggers/web journalists/whatever fail to do — Badass Digest, and no one else, originally broke this story. It’s a huge scoop, and they deserve a pat on the back.) And a lot of fans — like me! — were, well, concerned about that project, to say the least.

But Trent, ever the diplomat and not dipshit, has taken a moment out of his busy schedule to confirm the story on the Nine Inch Nails forums — and clear up a few things. I’ll post his full statement at bottom of this post, but here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

  • Yes he’s acting in the movie but it’s just a cameo, not a leading or even supporting role.
  • The whole thing was supposed to be a surprise, but now that’s ruined.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is gonna be awesome.
  • He’s working on new music for How to Destroy Angels.
  • He’s also working on new Nine Inch Nails music.

Obviously it’s this last bit that’s getting everyone all worked up, but, honestly, I don’t understand why — Reznor was always careful to say that NIN was simply done as a touring entity, not as a studio entity… hell, he said he was working on new NIN material as far back as as January of last year. And since NIN is basically a solo outfit anyway, and Reznor certainly seems to be a driving force behind every project he with which he becomes involved, I don’t really know if new NIN would sound that different from HTDA or the scores he’s been composing with Atticus Ross as of late. (Also not helping to differentiate NIN from every other Reznor thinger: Ross is a member of HTDA and has helped produced the last four NIN albums. So there’s obviously a lot of overlap there.) So as much as I love NIN, I don’t exactly feel like we’re hurting for new NIN.

So there’s all that. And I still say FUCK VAMPIRES. But I guess if the score is good then I can just skip the miserable piece of shit movie and let one of you fuckers tell me if Trent’s cameo is worth a damn.

Here’s Reznor’s full statement:

“What a surreal week, capping of an equally surreal few months! Thank you all for the support and kind words throughout. I need to once again point out the reason that score worked so well was David Fincher. We were simply executing his vision and it was an honor and an eduction working with him. Which brings me to:

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Atticus and I are hard at work scoring David’s next film, which will be opening this Christmas. We’ve been composing quite a bit of music for this and have just begun to see some of what’s been shot. Trust me when I say this film (and of course the music!) will not disappoint.

“Perhaps I misspoke on the red carpet or wherever it was I said the new How To Destroy Angels record is finished – it is not. We’ve been working since last summer on it and are due to mix it this summer for a fall release. We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and finding our own sound and identity this time around and we’re very happy with the results. The three columns of things I’m currently funneling music into – HTDA, NIN and film work – I believe will start to make more sense to you (and me) as everything unfolds. By having a few different outlets for my work I’m finding more inspiration within each one. No, Nine Inch Nails is not dead and I plan to focus on that next.

“And finally, I am friends with Timur Bekmambetov. He’s an interesting and very talented director that caught my attention with his film Night Watch (check it out if you haven’t). He asked me if I was interested in scoring his new film he’s doing with Tim Burton entitled Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I was familiar with the book, read the script and it felt like an interesting challenge as a composer – very different from the Fincher films. While discussing the film with Timur he started gently pressing me to play a small role in the film. The idea was a cameo-esque role that would be kept under wraps and be a surprise around opening night. I was considering this when I awoke a few days ago to the news I am now STARRING in ALVH (which is obviously not true). Fuck. We both apparently forgot the internet existed AND THERE ARE NO SURPRISES anymore.

“So… do me a favor and act surprised, OK?”

It will be easy to act surprised when I never see it, so consider that favor done, Trent. Now YOU owe ME a favor. Don’t worry, it’s easy — I just want you and Robin Finck to come to my house and perform thirty or forty NIN songs of my choice for an audience of one (e.g., me). Call my assistant and let’s find a date that’s mutually agreeable, okay? I’m in no hurry, I know you’re kinda busy right now.


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