Remember when I referred to Destrage as “Post-Swede“? Check out Deadlock; they offer a little more of what I was talking about. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before… it’s definitely in the Gothenburg vein, but it’s done with a bit more gusto, a bit more speed, and a bit more creativity than most “Re-Swede” metalcore that bands these days (ergo all modern metalcore bands) are pumping out. It’s the next generation of Swedish-inspired metal, if you will.

Of course, Deadlock are actually German, not Swedish, which might explain why “Falling Skywards,” Virus Jones” (in the video Axl ripped apart) and every other song I’ve ever heard by this band have incredibly cheesy choruses with clean singing [by an angelic-sounding female vocalist, no less]. This is the textbook definition of good cop / bad cop… heavy [and decent] riffs like hey this is metal!, then BAM, cheesy alt-metal central. But at least “Falling Skywards” has a good, catchy chorus as far as these things go; really there’s nothing you can hate on too much. I guess you could view Deadlock as an easy stepping stone for those just getting into metal, which I suppose is a good thing.

Check out “Falling Skywards” at Noisecreep.


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