Unsigned and Unholy



Abysmal Torment

Reader Max Vassallo sent us an email recently asking us to check out his two bands… and you know what? The other dudes in Max’s bands should consider themselves damn lucky to have Max around, ’cause the dude is clearly talented even if he uses “u” as an abbreviation for “you” in emails. That drives the MS Mansion Monkeys up the fucking wall.

First up we’ve got For The Godless, a duo in which Max drums and vocalizes.

Damn, son! That’s some rockin’, heavy stuff. If Max can pull off the drums and vocals simultaneously live with that kind of ferocity in both, major props.

Max’s other band, which he describes as “slightly harder than the first,” are, as Max describes it, “hard death metal and proud of it!” Touche. The band is called Abysmal Torment and they’re quite good, and yes, heavier, but I think I actually prefer For The Godless. Either way, if this is the kind of unsigned talent they’ve got over in Max’s home country of The Republic of Malta, we might seriously consider paying him a visit one of these days.

Thanks for playing, Max! Have a nice day.


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