New York Dolls - High Heels

The New York Dolls are the OG glam rockers, the gnarliest, the realest, the least bullshitty. Therefore merely invoking their name in any conversation lends instant credibility to your argument. Just last week in Austin, TX, Kip W. was trying to convince me of the superiority of chicken tacos over pork tacos to which I simply said “New York Dolls!” and the conversation was over. Similarly, another metal journalist tried telling me that Between the Buried and Me are wanky instrumentalists with no songwriting ability to which I said “New York Dolls!” and that shut him up right quick. Nikki Sixx knows this tried-and-true method of debate-winning all too well; when he was confronted about going back on his statement that he’d never tour with Poison, all he had to do was point out that the New York Dolls were opening and that shut just about everyone up (except us).

The New York Dolls aren’t touring in a vacuum, of course… they’re doing it because they just released a new album called Dancing Backward in High Heels on March 15th and they’s gots to promote it. Opening for two “hair” bands you directly influenced must be a tough pill for these guys to swallow, but even Buster Poindexter can’t deny it’s gotta be great exposure (here we are talking about them, right?). I haven’t listened to said album yet, but the band just released a new video for the song “Fool For You Baby.” It’s decidedly less rockin’ than the last NY Dolls album I listened to, the 2006 Jack Douglas-produced swagger-fest Some Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This, but it’s fun nonetheless. Definitely need to get my hands on this album. I’m excited to see them live, too.


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