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Lost in the fracas of new Devin and new Protest and new Scale the Summit and new this and that and the other thing is the fact that the mighty Decapitated are recording a new album with an expected release date this year. That’s pretty significant methinks, no? The MS Mansion Monkey in charge of Polish Death Metal has been promptly demoted and revoked his privilege of access to the finest Costa Rican bananas. Bad, Wilfred, bad!

It turns out that recording of the new record is just about done, according to band mastermind Vogg in a recent statement made via SickDrummer.com. Sick Drummer has also debuted footage of new drummer Krimh laying down the brootalz, which you can and should watch here:

While Rafal finishes up vocals and Vogg adds a few solos, Daniel Bergstrand has already begun mixing the record. I’d think we can expect this thing to come out sooner rather than later, then; I can haz br00tal blasts this summer plz?


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