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Samuel A. Favata recommended Russian outfit My Autumn to us, and what they have going for them is that they wrote a song with some really catchy parts, so they actually do kinda stand out from the mehtalcore pack.

But what they have going against them is pretty much everything else. On the most superficial level, those shorts and that jacket should be considered a crime against vision, and the singer’s haircut went out of style with the Nazis. As is almost always the case, choreographed stage moves and clean vocals turn out to be a major faux pas. That breakdown is as about as unique as breathing. And I have no clue what the what is going on with the blinking/winking thing at 1:02, but holy shit don’t ever do that you creepy Commie pederast.

But just to be clear, I do think they’re way better than Emmure.


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