I’m on tour with Saint Vitus right now and haven’t had a lot of time either listen to any new/old music or to think up something suitable to rant about/gush over, so for this entry I’m just going to do a quick news roundup of shit I (and a handful of you) might care about.

Rites of Darkness has confirmed the first four bands for its prefest event, and they’re providing a helluva good incentive for festivalgoers to show up early by booking acts like Wodensthrone, Hellvetron, Oak, and the mighty Ondskapt. Tickets for the prefest are due to run about fifteen bones and it’s going to be held at the White Rabbit in San Antonio, effectively making RID a four-day bestial extravaganza. UGH.

On a side note, if you’re not already familiar with Oak, you need to fuckin’ rectify that shit, stat. Bloodborn and Baltimore bred, this gnarly quartet breathe doom and worship death, blackening your eyes and blowing our your eardrums as they do it. Their most recent release, II, is a monument in American death/doom, and is available from A389 Records. Listen; learn.

Altar of Plagues have posted a track off their upcoming album, Mammal, via Stereogum. “Feather and Bone” is a sprawling, blackened epic, and a fitting representation of the bleak, windswept atmosphere these Irish lads conjure. The whole album is a work of dark art, and is already my favorite (soon-to-be-released) album of the year. The North American version will be handled by Profound Lore, and is scheduled to drop on April 22. Check out the stellar album art above, courtesy of Timo Ketola and take a listen.

Proclamation are touring! The Italian war metal horde are heading for US shores this August, and are due to hit a string of venues in California, Texas, and Illinois, as well as an alleged handful of East Coast dates that are yet to be confirmed. I caught them at both this year’s Nuclear War Now! Fest in Berlin and with Mortuary Drape/Adorior in London, and can vouch for the power of their live show. Check out the dates below and make it a point to be there if you can.


One Tail One Head have released their latest 7” via Terratur Possessions. Filthy, cold, pummeling Norwegian black metal from a very promising young band that you should be paying attention to! To give you an idea of what to expect, Luctus of Celestial Bloodshed & Behexen handles vocals, and Steingrim Torson (also of Celestial Bloodshed) contributed bass before his untimely death in 2009.

Also, if you haven’t heard Ascension’s With Brning Tongues demo and ensuing EP (Fire and Faith) and LP (Consolamentum), GET ON IT. NOW.

Just in time for their sure-to-be-triumphant appearance at this year’s edition of Roadburn, Winter have teamed up with Southern Lord to reissue their seminal Into Darkness record on CD/LP. This unholy abomination is due to emerge on April 12, and will undoubtedly be embraced by both longtime fans and bandwagoneers. Whatever. Hail Winter, hail darkness.

Acid King are rumored to be nearing completion on their next album with an aim to have it finished in time for their upcoming Roadburn appearance. I am excited.

Like I said, I’m currently on tour (hustling merch for doom gods Saint Vitus on the Metalliance Tour) and have gotten the chance to meet a couple of you dudes and ladies along the dusty trail. A million thanks for everyone who had a kind word or shot of whiskey to share; hope to see a couple more of you guys on the West Coast. Keep an eye out for the tall blonde with blue eyes, stretched lobes and a big ol’ EyeHateGod tattoo giving Chandler shit from behind a mountain of Saint Vitus merchandise. We’re rolling down the West Coast this week – Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Hollywood – then tackling a few dates with Crowbar on the way home – Tempe, Lubbock, some town in Texas I can’t pronounce. Vitus has been playing a new song and killing it every night, so do yourself a favor and come soak up some riffs.

Doom or be doomed!


Kim Kelly (or Grim Kim, if we’re being formal) scribbles for a number of sweet metal publications (Terrorizer, Brooklyn Vegan, Invisible Oranges, Hails & Horns, and tons more), promotes wicked records with Catharsis PR, and road dogs for your favorite bands. Keep up with her exploits & numerous band recommendations on Twitter, or peep her blog Ravishing Grimness.



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