Hipsters Out Of Metal!



I regularly lord it over everybody that I attended the final Pantera show ever! It 2001 at the inaugural Beast Feast two-day jam in Yokohama, Japan, also headlined by Slayer, Sepultura, and Machine Head. But by Pantera’s fest-closing set on day two, I was hardly in command of my senses because A.) drugs; and B.) late-night Skinless. See, for the truly metal and/or too high to find the train station, Beast Feast had an overnight gig nearby that bridged days one and two. And Skinless, taking the stage after the great Taiho, absolutely owned that show! They ripped! They raged! They rippaged! Memories.

So it sucks baboon balls to hear this bunch of boner-breaking jive from Skinless honcho Noah Carpenter:

We feel that Skinless has run its course. To continue at this point would be forced and uninspired. Skinless has always been about energy and intensity, and doing anything half-heartedly wouldn’t be true to what the band stands for.

Read Carpenter’s full statement here and share your semi-lucid Skinless memories below. Maybe it’s not too late to turn this around!


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