Attn Euros: tell me about NASTY [via extreme mosh riffs]


Attn Euros: tell me about NASTY [via extreme mosh riffs]

Thanks to a commenter on my breakdowns post, I am now aware of a sweet band called NASTY. While I don’t usually like European music, food, film, clothing, politics, art, literature, philosophy, or people, this band is fucking awesome– real talk!

That said, although my old boss from was from Koblenz, I don’t speak a word of German, so I don’t know what to make of this. I mean, I don’t even know if it’s German. Maybe it’s Belgian, what the fuck do I know? Here is what I can gather, based solely on the international language of MOSH:

  • This band is fucking sweet: breakdowns upon breakdown upon breakdowns!
  • In the second video, the singer has a mohawk-mullet and they are playing a festival called “Hard Bowl”
  • Singing into bananas is awesome
  • Air-drumming with beer cans is awesome
  • There are twins in the band? Or is it just that all Euros look the same??
  • They have a song called “Fuck It (ft Tito)”
  • Their official Facebook lists their genre as “beatdown hardcore” and credits Jorge with “Web & Image”

Who is this awesome mystery band?? What are they saying in this awesome video?? When will they come to the US and bro down with me??

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