Hipsters Out Of Metal!



Today in metal is like Japan day, with announcements of a international X Japan tour, a mind-boggling charity bid on an X Japan piano, and a forthcoming new Gallhammer album; we’ve even blabbed about excellent J-metallists Maximum The Hormone and Desecravity. Shit, even Taiho got a nod on Tuesday. So by now your J-pumps are J-primed for the greatest post-311 rap-metal band ever, Osaka’s magical Missle Girl Scoot. This defunct two-singered nu-metal quintet will forever remain one of my favorite bands, and that’s wild considering that I, like all reasonable people, deride their entire genre; but winners win, and their jamz are so catchy, slamming, melodic, good-spirited, awesome, rad, and killer. I cherish my MGS library. I headbang to them in the shower and know all their guitar parts. I air-drum to these jamz in my sleep. Srsly.

MGS is a weird crew, fronted by an intense butch rapper chick and a delightfully unvarnished clean singer, and led musically by an ace songwriter behind the drum kit. Plus, MGS is 100% Sergeant D.-ready via their unending fits of wiggerish hand movements. I saw MGS at SXSW back in freaking 1999, then in Tokyo in 2001 on my freaking birthday, and each time, the venue was transformed into Boner City and I was mayor. They later popped up stateside on a nearly-unnoticed Suicidal Tendencies and friends compilation, but with a few sessions with a speech coach, MGS’s hook and mosh jamz might’ve outsold every loud rock act ever. Ever! Crank it!


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