Hipsters Out Of Metal!



You’ve read the MetalSucks double-team interview of Erik Rutan, so you may know that while I was busy listening to the Hate Eternal frontman breathe while stroking a photo of his hair, Axl was wise to ask him what production work was keeping him busy. The answer? He just completed mixing work on Cannabis Corpse (yes!) and also on the docket is Japan’s Desecravity, described by Rutan thusly:

This stuff is really crazy. It’s like death metal and twisted, insane shit; if I had to compare it to something, [I’d say it’s] in the vein of Origin as far as really technical kind of stuff.

That’s all the endorsement needed to bang over to the site of some Descravity jamz. Big surprise: Their jams jam! This + Rutan production = upcoming bonerz!


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