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Did You Know That Duff McKagan Is in Duff McKagan’s Loaded?

  • Axl Rosenberg

So I was hanging out on the smoking balcony at the Revolver Golden Gods on Wednesday night when I spotted a few of the below promotional cards scattered on a nearby table.

Did You Know That Duff McKagan Is in Duff McKagan’s Loaded?

Now, obviously no one in his right mind would deny that Duff McKagan is the selling point for Duff McKagan’s Loaded. But that doesn’t change the fact that whomever designed this card decided that the fans are idiots who wouldn’t understand that Duff McKagan is in Duff McKagan’s Loaded. And, yeah, hard rock/metal fans can obviously be big, big dummies, but I don’t think anyone every checks out Duff McKagan’s Loaded thinking that maybe the name is just an homage to McKagan and that he isn’t actually in the band.

I guess said designer deserves a pat on the back for assuming we’d all know who Duff McKagan is and resisting the urge to write “FEATURING DUFF MCKAGAN FROM GUNS N’ ROSES AND VELVET REVOLVER.”

The Taking, the new album from Duff McKagan’s Loaded featuring Duff McKagan, is out now on Eagle Rock Entertainment. Duff McKagan is on it!


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